Getting There

Hello friends! We’ve created a carpool to help you offer or find a ride to and from QUAD 2019. Those with extra room simply add your location, departing, and return information. Those seeking a ride can join a car that fits your travel plans. The site will give connect driver and rider with contact information to further coordinate and ensure the match will work. (ex: pick up isn’t too far out of planned route, ect.)

Travel time:
                            1. Buffalo, NY – 7 hours
                            2. Baltimore, MD – 6 hours
                            3. Syracuse, NY – 5.2 hours
                            4. West Chester, PA – 5 hours
                            5. Middlebury, VT – 4.5 hours
                            6. Scranton, PA – 4 hours
                            7. Portland, ME – 3 hours
                            8. New York, NY – 3 hours
                            9. Boston, MA – 2 hours

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