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Wednesday May 17th - Thursday May 18th
Thank you for joining us for another amazing Quad!
A synopsis about this year's symposium will be posted soon.

If you have questions regarding CEU certificates please email us at

Congratulations to the 2017

Poster Contest Winners
Husbandry Management
1.      David Mooneyhan 
2.      Anthony Ferraro
3.      Ethan Hildebrand

1.      Nathaniel Kollias 
2.      Rebecca Lafleur
3.      Alexandra Fabian

Congratulations to the 2017

Technician Challenge Winners

1st Place

Amy Connolly - Syracuse University
John Maldonado - MEEI/Schepens
Marie Ortega - MEEI/Schepens
Kevin Phelps - MEEI/Schepens
Misty Touchette - Syracuse University

2nd Place

April Baronas - Celldex Therapeutics
Paul D. Gonzalez - BI
Michelle Grealish - Celldex Therapeutics
Victor Lopes - BI
Mallary Rocheleau - Celldex Therapeutics
John Thiede - BI

3rd Place

Susan Barrette - LFB-USA
James Brennan - Bristol Myers Squibb
Britt Callahan - Bristol Myers Squibb
Jennifer Roberts - Bristol Myers Squibb
Brittany Ruelle - LFB-USA

We would like to thank everyone for their participation!


The symposium schedule has been posted. Please see what we have in store for 2017

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